Satanic Rockers Deicide Banned


correspondent Erwin Blom reports: Katwijk is a small Christian

village in Holland. Scum is the name of the youth-center where all

local punks and rockers hang out. There's allways been tension between

the Scum-youngsters and the rest of the population, but last week was

different. The council found out that Satanic rockers Deicide from

Florida were going to play in Scum. And with songs like "Kill The

Christian" and "When Satan Rules The World," it isn't surprising that

the Christian community was shocked by the news that Deicide was on the

way. A group that has declared an unholy war on God playing in Katwijk?

No way. The council started to put pressure on Scum. "We can forbid

this gig," a spokesman said, "but we'd prefer it if you'd cancel the

gig yourself." In the end, that's just what Scum did. "This time we've

given in," said Ab Houwaart of Scum, "but when Katwijk tries to censor

us again, we'll go to court to prevent the council from doing so. We

want to be free to choose the bands we want. We've already arranged a

meeting with the mayor in which we are going to make that perfectly


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