That Time Justin Timberlake Cried On 'Punk'd' = The Greatest MTV Prank Ever

In honor of April Fool's Day, relive Ashton Kutcher's epic joke.

Dropping whoopee cushions or TP-ing the backyard might be practical-joke tactics for regular folks, but those trademark stunts are amateur hour if you're comparing them to the notorious pranks Ashton Kutcher used to pull during his unforgettable "Punk'd" days.

clip_still 1

There are so many hysterical gems that came courtesy of the former MTV series -- car explosions (Elijah Wood and The Rock), messy bathrooms (Penelope Cruz getting her girl Salma Hayek), ruined Christmas celebrations (oh, Beyoncé) and a bunch of other special strategies to scare the s**t out of a bunch of innocent celebrity victims. But if we had to isolate one amazing pee-your-pants incident -- in honor of April Fool's Day -- that shout-out would have to go to the one and only Justin Timberlake.

08 1

Let's briefly recap the classic scenario: The singer was told that he owed $900,000 in back taxes, and faux US agents -- led by the funnyman's trusting sidekick Dax Shepard -- seized the crooner's house and confiscated his valuables. When the "Parenthood" actor brings up the dogs, all bets are off and JT loses it. Just "cry me a river"...

To celebrate the hoax-filled holiday known as April 1, we dug through the vault and found the moment that Justin's world seemingly fell apart. Relive the gold below, and share your favorite "Punk'd" event in the comments!

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