'Wolfenstein 3D' Gets A 1-D Demake

Demakes are on fire right now. You have to appreciate the simple genius of it: take a game that requires a complex computer device to be played, extract some of its basic ideas and themes, and build a far simpler game built on the foundation of what you got from the source. Boom. It's a demake. What happens though when you take something that is already simple and make it simpler? One creative dev-type asked that very question of seminal first-person shooter "Wolfenstein 3D." The result? "Wolfenstein 1D"!

The creation comes from the mind of one WONDER-TONIC, who is also responsible for the mesmerizing Michael Bayifier, which is best experienced firsthand. I made this.

Now there's "Wolfenstein 1D." Watch it load up in your browser and you're treated to the same set of intro visual (and music!) seen in the classic game. And then it starts. What follows is so deranged and mindlessly entertaining that you should really just go see for yourself. You might be confused at first and that's okay. It all makes sense in short order.

I can't tell if it's actually entertaining to play or if I'm just enjoying the groovy beats of the original game playing behind it. Probably the latter. The browser tab is open right now and that ominous chiptune is warbling along. Oh! Drum solo! And we break back to the top.

You'll probably only play it once, but it's definitely worth spending a minute or so of your day on. Maybe your life won't be enriched, but is finding new and interesting ways of killing Nazis ever really a bad thing?

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