Justin Bieber, The Rapper, Is Here -- Thanks To This OTHER Rapper

Biebs shows off his hip-hop side in the car with -- well, you'll see.

What's in store for RiFF RaFF's sophomore album, Peach Panther? According to Mr. Jody Highroller himself, he's reaching out to everyone from Lil Wayne to Drake. But the most surprising guest might be Justin Bieber.

RiFF RaFF confirmed this news earlier this year during an impromptu street interview with TMZ, but now we have definitive proof. Earlier this weekend, RiFF RaFF took to his Instagram to post a short clip of himself and Justin previewing the new track. In the clip, we also see Justin rapping (yes, for real) instead of his signature crooning.

If this clip proves anything, we should expect a bunch of weird collaborations and surprises on this latest album. In fact, we're even a little excited.

Back in June, MTV News spoke with King Los about his freestyle session with the Biebs. It sounded epic. Check it out below.

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