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Did Kelsea Ballerini Just Reveal A Taylor Swift Collaboration?

She shared a Snapchat video featuring vocals that sound a lot like Taylor’s

As we know, Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini are musical BFFs/soul sisters. They perform together, shop together, cook together — but have they gone into the studio together? Maybe, if a new snap is to be believed.

Squad member Gigi Hadid recently confirmed that Taylor has been back in the studio working on new music, and after Kelsea shared a Snapchat video from the studio with a preview of a new track, fans immediately got psyched as the vocals sound a lot like Taylor’s.

Is that Taylor singing “We didn’t know it / Thought we could grow it / Beautiful for a moment / We were roses?” Could it be a demo she wrote for Kelsea? Can we expect a Kelsea and Taylor duet? This floral tease could easily be the lyrical doings of TS and Kelsea combined.

Of course, Kelsea low-key shot down the Taylor collaboration speculation by liking a fan account tweet stating, “In clarification to prior tweets, Kelsea is in the studio recording her second album. These recording sessions have had nothing, nor will they have anything to do with Taylor Swift.” A collab hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied by management, but we’re going to have to use Kelsea’s Twitter like as our answer for now and not get our hopes up too high — especially since excited Swifties are anxiously waiting for updates about Taylor’s next album (#TS6).

Kelsea’s current single, “Peter Pan,” hit No. 1 this week on the country charts, and she made history by being the only female artist in country music to go No. 1 with her first three consecutive singles from a debut album.

We can already tell by the Snapchat snippet that her sophomore album will be really good (whether there is a T.Swift collab or not.)