Watch Snoop Dogg Drip Drop It Like It's Hot On 'Empire'

And see Lucious and Hakeem stan for 'Peaches N Cream.'

I'm so curious to know what will happen during this week's season finale of "Empire."

Like, is Naomi Campbell's character out of the picture for good? How many rooms will Cookie enter uninvited? And is there any chance that the two-hour finale will serve as a backdoor pilot for a Porsha-centric spin-off, appropriately titled "Porsha!"? I just. Want. To. Know.

Unfortunately, this new clip of Snoop Dogg performing the Pharrell-produced "Peaches N Cream" from the episode answers none of my questions. But at least now I know how Lucious and Hakeem feel about the West Coast rapper (strongly).

Unlike Courtney Love and Jennifer Hudson, Snoop will play himself on "Empire." TIME says that he's signed to Empire Entertainment in the show's universe. The mag also reports that Hudson, Rita Ora, and Patti LaBelle will also cameo.

Catch the season one finale of "Empire" on Fox this Wednesday, Mar. 18.

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