Is Katy Perry's New 'Kris Jenner'-Inspired Pixie Cut A Joke?

While we are obviously highly skeptical of everything we see on the internet today, but we have reason to believe that Katy Perry cut all of her hair off and, well, that reason is a photo she shared on Instagram.

Katy posted the above photo with the (perfect) caption "I asked for the Kris Jenner" and, sure, it definitely could be a wig—Katy loves wigs, as you may know—or she could've taken the pixie plunge on a day when people would assume she was joking.

Unfortunately, we're especially wary of major hair updates on April 1st thanks to a little *achem* incident that happened last year: Lauren Conrad got us BIG TIME with her fake pastel purple hair prank.

While we'll have to wait to see if KP is turning us into fools, we will say, no matter what, that short 'do looks incredible. Like, Katy, if this is a joke, maybe consider it for real on a day other than April 1? If it's not a joke then we'll fully rejoice and eagerly await its debut outside of Instagram.