5SOS' New Song ‘Permanent Vacation’ Is ‘So Amazing It Hurts’

I think everyone's ready for a 'permanent vacation.'

5SOS are ready for a "permanent vacation," and I totally feel that.

The boys- Micahel, Calum, Luke and Ashton- debuted their brand new song, "Permanent Vacation," on the first date of their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour in Portugal.

The song is the perfect up-tempo track to get the 5SOS Fam ready for summer, as the foursome channel one of their favorite bands, Green Day.

"Can't sleep cause my mind keeps racing/ My chest hurts because my heart keeps breaking/ I'm so numb that I can't stop shaking and we all fall down," Michael sings during the opening of the song.

So what's the solution to all of his problems? You guessed it, a forever trip far, far away.

"Frustration, desperation / You say you need some counter medication / Situation, no motivation / Destination / What you need is a permanent vacation," the band sings in the chorus.

Fans of the foursome are going crazy for the track, which is the first new music we've heard since their debut album dropped last year. Some dubbed it the "new national anthem" for the fandom.

And their "new religion."

Also the timing of this song couldn't have been better.

Basically, it's perfect.

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