Chance The Rapper's Debut Album, 'The Big Day', Will Be Out On July 26

Chance the Rapper revealed the news to Fallon the Host

Chance the Rapper smiled goofily into his iPhone's camera in February and told his Instagram followers that his debut studio album would be here in July. His manager, Pat Corcoran, handled the Twitter herd, saying again that the body of work would arrive in the hottest month of summer. But afterward, the world was treated to midnight crickets.

Tuesday night, though, (July 16) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Chance not only revealed the name and cover art of his debut album, but he also revealed when it would be released. The Big Day drops on July 26.

Before Chance could even get seated properly in front of Fallon, who was smacking his hands, eager to get to business, the rapper was all sparkling teeth. He chuckled when Fallon asked him about the mystique surrounding the album before confirming that they could show the cover, depicting a hand holding a clear, diamond-encrusted CD. Afterward, the rapper and host discussed the deal that if Fallon pre-ordered Chance's album, then he would reveal either the album's title or the release date.

Chance, excited, told Fallon that he'd reveal both. Fallon pulled his phone out and completed the order, resulting in a screaming Chance who then directed his attention to a nearby camera and revealed the news: "My name is Chance the Rapper and I will be releasing my debut album on July 26 titled The Big Day."

Now that The Big Day will arrive momentarily, it's time to put Chance's first two mixtapes – recently added to streaming services for the first time – on hold. Earlier this year, he dropped "Groceries" with Tisakorean.

Watch Chance's exciting reveal up above.