Matthew Goode On Ozymandias' Sexuality And CGI Creatures

One of the groundbreaking graphic novel's most perplexing characters, Ozymandias' looming big-screen debut has had comics fans wondering whether they'd be given more information about the character, his background and his, umm...motivations. MTV News spoke with Goode to get his take on the character and the questions surrounding him.

"We gave [Ozymandias] a very interesting private and public persona, because he's a sort of captain of industry and he has a huge amount of sway with all the big business people," Goode told MTV News. "What he's about is trying to save the world. ... He's also incredibly fit. He's possibly the greatest physical specimen on the planet."

"And yeah," added Goode, "he's possibly homosexual."

According to Goode, Ozymandias' ambiguous sexuality played little role in his portrayal of the character -- even if the character's fellow crime-fighters believed differently.

"I think that's very much what Rorschach would think," said Goode when asked if he was told whether his character was supposed to be gay. "I think that's part of the image that [Ozymandias] perpetuates himself. He's more asexual than anything else."

Right up there with the long-running debate over Ozymandias' sexuality is the more recent question of how Snyder will depict the massive creature that factors into the closing chapters of the story. Although Goode said he had "no idea" how the beastie will appear on-screen, he assured fans it will look "as good as the cast you've already seen."

Fortunately, Goode has had a chance to see the "genetically engineered polar leopard kind of thing" (named "Bubastis") that accompanies him around his base and appears in one of the promotional posters for the film. The actor told MTV the computer-generated creature's live stand-in was a bit less dangerous than its film counterpart.

"I had something kind of made out of wire with sort of big ping pong balls over it," said Goode. "It wasn't anything that was alive, but you know the magic of cinema. ... It looks great."

The "magic of cinema" continued to impress when it came to bringing famous historical figures to life for the film's superhero-inspired timeline, according to the actor. From Mick Jagger to Richard Nixon, stories from production have often made mention of Snyder's massive cast of famous lookalikes -- and apparently there are a quite a few dead-ringers in the mix.

"One day I was like, 'I'm in my super-suit and I'm walking into Studio 54 and I'm shaking hands with [David] Bowie and [Mick] Jagger,'" laughed Goode. "It's very odd. They all look absolutely spot-on. Nixon is spot-on and so is JFK."

As for his character's one-line summary, the actor didn't have too much trouble explaining the driving force behind Ozymandias:

"He just has this plan and he's going to make sure he fulfills it," said Goode.

So what do you think about Matthew Goode's take on Ozymandias? Does he "get" the character? Let us know in the comments!

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