Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey Steal Page From R. Kelly's 'Down Low' For New Video

Production of clip wrapped Tuesday in Los Angeles.

If you take a pinch of "Pulp Fiction," a taste of R. Kelly's "Down Low" clip, a couple of high-speed vehicles and two of music's most recognizable superstars, you have Busta Rhymes' new video for "I Know What You Want."

After two consecutive days of production on the video with director Chris Robinson, the clip, which features Mariah Carey and the Flipmode Squad, wrapped Tuesday in Los Angeles.

The video for "I Know What You Want" starts with actor Ving Rhames, who starred in "Pulp Fiction," enlisting his old buddy Bussa Bus to play bodyguard and protect his wife from some bad guys. Turns out that Ving has some serious beef with someone and needs to leave town for a while.

Bus and company temporarily move into the couple's mansion, but things get complicated quickly after the longhaired MC, who's supposed to be on the lookout for danger, can't take his eyes off of his friend's wife. (Wouldn't you know -- the damsel in danger is a knockout.) The plot thickens when Busta discovers he's equally alluring to the distressed beauty. The video's action isn't just limited to love scenes, however. Robinson included an amped-up vehicle chase scene as well.

Luckily for Mariah Carey, she doesn't have to get behind the wheel, bust any guns or worry about Busta's dreds falling in her face when they kiss. According to a spokesperson for Busta, the high-note-hitting singer's role is limited only to performing with the rest of the Flipmode Squad.

Away from the video set, Busta has been keeping busy in the studio working on albums by Rah Digga and Flipmode as well as his own LP. No details or album drop dates have been released, but in January, 50 Cent, who shares the same manager as Rhymes, disclosed that he had been in the studio working with the animated microphone fiend.

The clip is scheduled to air in a couple of weeks.