Watch This Kids' Show Effortlessly Teach The Next Generation About Homosexuality

As it turns out, it's actually super simple to explain homosexuality to kids.

Adults can get pretty weird when it comes to explaining sex to kids -- especially if they're straight adults trying to figure out how to explain homosexuality.

Thankfully, the longest-running kid's show in Iceland (where, incidentally, surveys have shown that gay men are happiest in the world) just proved that it can be done very simply -- and also super adorably.

The star of the tender learning moment on the show "Stundin Okkar" is Páll Óskar, a dreamy former contestant on Eurovision, a major European American Idol-style singing competition. Óskar finds himself having to gently let down a female admirer who is awfully excited to learn that he doesn't have a girlfriend.

"I'm never going to have any girlfriends," he explains. "Because I don't get crushes on girls...I get crushes on guys, because I'm gay."

Stundin Okkar/MTV

Always known

Óskar's gal pal is upset at first, demanding to know whether he's really sure about that, but she seems to take the news pretty well once he explains that he's always known he liked guys -- just like she has.

Stundin Okkar/MTV

What makes your heart beat

“Some guys like other guys, some guys like girls. Some girls like guys, some girls like other girls," Óskar continues. "You don’t decide what makes your heart beat, it just beats.”

Stundin Okkar/MTV


"Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where it didn't matter who you were attracted to," Óskar says. "We just need to create that world. It's our responsibility."

Stundin Okkar/MTV


In the end, the two embrace, and it's clear that even though they're not going to find a love connection, they still get to stay good friends.

You can watch the whole heart-warming clip here:

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