MGK And Hailee Steinfeld’s New Video Is Dramatic From Start To Finish

‘At My Best’ finds these two at their worst (at least, until they find each other)

It’s Friday, the weekend is just about here, and none of us have a single worry in the world, right? Wrong! Machine Gun Kelly, for one, has plenty on his mind, and he unravels it all in his new video for “At My Best.”

The Cleveland rapper is seen staring at himself in a bathroom mirror while spitting aggressive, motivational bars about being down but not out. Later, he runs down an L.A. street at nighttime, seemingly trying to get to someone. That’d be Hailee Steinfeld, who wanders around a party alone before setting off to find MGK. They both look entirely stressed-out throughout the dramatic vid … until they finally meet and lock eyes. Hopefully now they can get into that carefree Friday mindset.

“At My Best” appears on Machine Gun Kelly’s upcoming third album, Bloom, due May 12.