John Boyega's Michael Jackson Dance Moves Are Just As Strong As His Empire-Fighting Skills

He's a Smooth Criminal AND a Rebel

John Boyega isn't just an excellent fighter when the Resistance needs his help: He's a killer dancer, and he's known to give the King of Pop's legendary moves a worthy tribute if there's a beat and a dance floor available.

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi star stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about, well, a bunch of things: With awards season and the holidays drawing nigh, his performance in Detroit came up, as did his Christmas plans, which involve heading to Nigeria to party and spend time with family.

Before walking off set, Jimmy Fallon posed a question from a "fan" to Boyega: Daisy Ridley had stopped by the show on November 28, and challenged her co-star to break out the dance moves he showed off at the Last Jedi wrap party. With some assistance from the Roots and a Michael Jackson-inspired riff, he happily obliged.

The Moonwalk would've been totally appropriate to break out here, but here's hoping Ridley reveals the receipts from that wrap party because we bet that footage is stellar.