Logic's 'Buried Alive' Video Proves He No Longer Cares What Anybody Thinks

Because he's happy.

Logic’s perspective about his place in hip-hop has changed since he started writing songs for his critically acclaimed debut album Under Pressure. During an exclusive visit to the set of his “Buried Alive” music video, the MC explained to MTV News just how much his outlook has evolved.

"When I started writing [‘Buried Alive’], I felt like I wasn’t getting the shine I deserved,” Logic told us, during his Jan. 24 shoot in California. "I wasn’t necessarily where I wanted to be in the hip-hop world.”

Now Logic has a different take on things. "Who gives a damn what anybody else thinks about me as long as I’m happy," he asked rhetorically.

The upcoming “Buried Alive” video is directed by John Benavente and Alec Eskander, and it's shot against a green screen. The finished product aims to show Logic on an interplanetary trip and will be a representation of his range of emotions, using different planets to symbolize those moods.

“If I’m on a desert planet, maybe things are kind of dry,” Logic said as he analyzed the song's video treatment. "If I’m on an ice planet, things are cold and I’m trying to push through to the warmth. If I’m on a green vegetative planet, then things are good and my imagination is flourishing.”

But there’s also another aspect of the video that’s important for Logic to note. “This sh-t just looks tight, too,” he added.

As you can see in our set visit, Logic's wardrobe is also on another level. During the video shoot, he went through different outfits for the different planets and, according to the MC, the fashion choices and the video treatment are also reflection of his growth and self-assurance.

"I would have been too scared to do this before,” he explained while dressed in a futuristic outfit fit for space. "Now, I’m like, ‘I don’t give a damn. I’m gonna be a super hero. I’m gonna be whatever the hell I wanna be.’”