A Beck Superfan Is Trolling Kanye West With This Hilarious Cyber Prank

Troll so hard, motherf---ers wanna fine me.

By now, you might’ve thought that the infamous Kanye/Beck Clash Of 2015 had blown over. After all, following his confusing Grammy stunt, Kanye West publicly apologized to Beck via a very sincere-sounding tweet, and even admitted that the alt-rocker’s album was “pretty good.”

But apparently, some anonymous Beck superfan still feels the score hasn’t been settled, so they’ve resorted to a hilariously troll-licious form of cyber revenge.

As of Tuesday afternoon, if you type into your browser, the site redirects you to Kanye’s Wikipedia page. Yep, all that traffic his Wiki is getting today has little to do with his new album title announcement or recently-released Yeezy Boosts — it’s actually because of this simple URL redirect.



According to The Washington Post, the URL’s yet-to-be-identified owner (he/she/it is anonymous on, which shows you who owns domain names) has actually been doing this kind of thing for years. Ever since the domain was registered in 1997, it’s been expertly trolling random targets. For instance, in 2000, it took you to the website of the guy who lost that year’s election. Then in 2008, it went after Barack Obama’s campaign website (before Obama won, obviously).

So basically, this is a long-running gag that Kanye is just the latest victim of. However, the site also has an obvious and convenient Beck tie-in: “Loser” is the name of the breakout single from his 1994 album Mellow Gold.

Kanye hasn’t addressed the URL prank stunt publicly, but he DID sound off on his haters at a lecture at Oxford University on Monday, saying, “I don’t think there’s a living celebrity with more weapons formed against them, but I also don’t think there’s one more prosperous.”

True that, ‘Ye. In the meantime, we hope your Wikipedia page is up-to-date because you could actually be getting hordes of new fans from this stunt!

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