One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’ Is For The ‘Real Fans’

OMG Harry's high notes.

Rejoice, Directioners, because your boys are back!

One Direction gave us the best surprise ever when they unexpectedly dropped my new favorite song, "Drag Me Down," while everyone was sleeping in the U.S.

The song, which is already #1 on the iTunes singles chart, marks a new era for 1D, being that it is the first song they've released without Zayn Malik, who, on Wednesday, announced that he was signing with RCA Records as a solo artist.

So how do fans feel about that? Well, they are pretty proud that the foursome proved they wouldn't "flop" without their high-note singing fifth member.

That doesn't mean Zayn wasn't missed.

But luckily Harry was there to pick up those high notes. Get it, Hazza.

Now some are thinking that the lyrics behind the song may be a little dig at their former member.

But, at least for me -- and thousands of other Directioners -- this song was clearly a message for the fans thanking them for always being by their side no matter what drama went down.