EXCLUSIVE: Sam Jackson Says Nick Fury Won't See Action In 'Iron Man 2'

Back in early May, we got our first look at Samuel L. Jackson as S.H.I.E.L.D. Chief Nick Fury on the set of "Iron Man 2," looking every bit the bad-ass in black leather and eyepatch -- or at least, as bad-ass as someone can look when standing next to a giant donut.

Never mind the environment, we said, Nick Fury is sure to be kickin' butt and taking names alongside Tony Stark in the "Iron Man" sequel, right? Not so, according to Jackson. In fact, when we caught up with the actor during an event commemorating the 20th anniversary of Spike Lee's film "Do The Right Thing," Jackson said fans will likely have to wait for "The Avengers" for Fury to see some action.

"Not this time, not yet," Jackson told MTV News of the likelihood we'll see his character become the action hero fans know in "Iron Man 2." "We still haven't moved Nick Fury into the bad-ass zone. He's still just kind of a talker."

Asked whether fans will have to wait until the superhero team-up in "The Avengers" to see Fury get ready to rumble, Jackson simply said, "Looking forward to that, yeah."

Along with dropping some hints about Nick Fury's potential brawl, Jackson also told MTV News that he's done filming on the project, adding that most of his scenes were shot with Robert Downey Jr., but there were also a few with Scarlett Johansson, too.

With a nine-movie deal for Marvel Studios, it's likely that we'll see a lot more of Jackson's character -- and in more than just "Iron Man 2" or "The Avengers." Whether his roles in films like "Thor" and "The First Avenger: Captain America" will be similarly low on action or move Nick Fury into a more aggressive place in Marvel's movie world remains to be seen, though.

What do you think about Nick Fury being more of a "talker" in "Iron Man 2"? Looking forward to seeing him in action? Sound off in the comment section!