Dakota Johnson Goes From 'Fifty Shades' To Dressing Like A Man In This New 'Cymbeline' Trailer

We like this new look, Dakota.

In "Fifty Shades of Grey," we watched Dakota Johnson navigate her own sexual awakening at the hands of a handsome billionaire, but something tells us her next project, "Cymbeline," is going to be a whole lot less glamorous. As in, Johnson going undercover as a man less glamorous.

In the brand new trailer for the film, Johnson gets in the middle of a "Sons of Anarchy" style outlaw war -- and based on the fact that the movie is a modern retelling of the Shakespeare play of the same name, we can confirm that she'll go to hell and back again with her lover, Posthumus (Penn Badgley).

In the play, Johnson's character Imogen is nearly killed by Posthumus when she's the victim of a poorly advised sexual bet, so she heads to the woods disguised as a man to escape him. And based on the chopped-off hair we briefly see in the trailer, it's safe to say the "Cymbeline" remake will go the same route:

Cymbeline" hits theaters on March 13.

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