The Actor Who Played Coconut Head On 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide' Actually Has Flawless Hair

"I'm cute and tossable."

The unofficial hero of the Nickelodeon tween hit "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" was, without a doubt Coconut Head. We are all Coconut Head, Coconut Head is us.

...But it's been eight years since we last saw the gang at James K. Polk Middle School, and a lot has changed since then.

For starters, Ned (Devon Werkheiser) recently went to Burning Man, Moze (Lindsey Shaw) played Shay Mitchell's love interest on "Pretty Little Liars" and Cookie (Daniel Curtis Lee) had a recurring role on "Glee."

Oh, and Coconut Head, played by Rob Pinkston, ditched his hilariously iconic wig for his actual luscious head of hair.

Pinkston's character inspired an unusual fandom, one that make things such as this:

And this:

But, as much as we love his bowl cut, we're digging Pinkston's actual hair even more.

It has a type of pompadour-look to it in some photos.

And graciously curves downward in other pics.

Sometimes, it's a little spiky.

While other times, there's a serious party in the front happening.

Of course, Pinkston's hair wasn't always that magical. He did have a '90s bowl cut like the rest of us.

It's the OG Coconut Head.

There are moments when I get all nostalgic and think, "Coconut Head wasn't real; he was only a character." Then, I see something like this, and hope is restored.

He's still the same goofy, adorkable Coconut Head, minus the bowl cut.

Long live Coconut Head!



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