'I F*cked Your Boyfriend': Juliette Tells Alyssa About Her 'Siesta Key' Hookup...With Alex

Watch the sneak peek now!

This season of Siesta Key ended with Alex uttering a simple "holy sh*t" when he learned of his baby on the way with girlfriend Alyssa. Oh, and a "to be continued" message.

And when the Floridians return -- that's right, there will be more episodes -- even more fireworks are on the horizon. The first pyrotechnic display bombshell: Juliette telling Alyssa about her hookup with Alex.

"I f*cked your boyfriend in Nashville," Jules says in the preview video above. No restraint here!

When Alyssa declares she doesn't believe Juliette, the latter retorts with, "I have proof."

What tough language does Alex have for Juliette? And who is clashing -- and canoodling? Catch the entire video, and stay with MTV News for more updates regarding the return of Siesta Key!

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