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Linkin Park's Sanitarium Stay Documented On Live CD/DVD

Meanwhile, band is readying 'Numb' video, touring overseas.

NEW YORK -- Always ones to keep something on their release schedule for fans to look forward to, Linkin Park are planning a live album and DVD for November.

"We taped a couple of Summer Sanitarium shows, knowing very well that a lot of the people who wanted to see that tour weren't going to see it," rapper Mike Shinoda said of the outing, during which Linkin Park opened for Metallica and Limp Bizkit. "I think it's really beautiful. It's done on 35 mm [film] for the most part. Usually our stuff is done on DV for that home video kind of feel, but we really wanted artistically to make it a little more mature. It's a cool-looking thing."

Linkin Park have yet to title the product or finalize a track list, but fans can expect to see the band at its heaviest.

"We were pretty prepared for it based on the fact that we had done Ozzfest a couple of years ago, and we expected the same kind of challenge," Shinoda said when asked how the band escaped the kind of ridicule Limp Bizkit took from Metallica fans (see [article id="1474912"]"Limp Bizkit Walk Offstage After Chicago Crowd Gets Hostile"[/article]). "I think we prepared accordingly, and every night we came out and played a hard show."

The DVD will be the band's second, following "Frat Party at the Pankake Festival," which featured some live footage but was more a collection of their videos.

Though Linkin Park decided to do a live release rather than a remix collection like they did last time they were between studio LPs, they'll put out some Meteora remixes via various channels in the coming months.

In the meantime, the third video from the album, "Numb," is due before the end of the month (see [article id="1476408"]"In The End, Linkin Park's Joseph Hahn Wants To Be A Filmmaker"[/article]).

"I think that Joe [Hahn] built up all this creative energy and he's really done a great job on the video for 'Numb,' " Shinoda said. "It's more of a concept video. It's more of a story. It's not identical to the story of the song, but it is similar in that the emotions that go on in the video are similar to those in the song."

Linkin Park are playing a hodgepodge of shows in Europe and Australia through November, after which they will return to America for a headlining trek.

"[In Europe] we've got Alien Ant Farm on one [date], Redman on two, Adema, Staind -- we're hoping the cool lineup we put together out there we'll be able to take back to the States, that's where our mind is at," Shinoda said.