Lauv And Anne-Marie Are Lonely As Fuck On New '13 Reasons Why' Song

They're deep in breakup hell on 'fuck, i'm lonely'

Lovestruck collaborations are a staple of the 13 Reasons Why soundtracks — the Netflix series has been bolstered before by Billie Eilish and Khalid's delicate "lovely" and Lord Huron and Phoebe Bridges's heartbreaking "The Night We Met." Now, the newest 13RW duet has arrived on the same day as the first Season 3 trailer, and it unites Lauv with British pop star Anne-Marie.

Everything you need to know about the duo's collab is there in the title: "fuck, i'm lonely." Sonically and thematically, it's right in line with Lauv's other recent singles, like "i'm so tired," "sad forever," and "drugs & the internet." Over a quirky combination of synths, he and Anne-Marie ruminate on their exes and wallow in their loneliness, singing, "Fuck, I'm lonely, I'm lonely, I'm lonely as / Fuck, come hold me, come hold me, come hold me." It's a little more jaunty than the usual 13RW fare, but it still has that air of heartbreak that we've come to expect from the divisive series.

"fuck, i'm lonely" arrived on Thursday (August 1) alongside two nearly identical videos. In both, the duo sing while sitting back-to-back and wearing all-white 'fits, but their surroundings are different colors in each. Check out the green-hued Anne-Marie version below, and see Lauv's orange-colored version here.

In a statement, Lauv said of the new single, "I'm excited to have 'fuck, i'm lonely' included on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack. I believe the show has done amazing work but as we release this song, I wanted to share my thoughts about the show with you: when you watch, watch thoughtfully – start with a close friend who you feel like you can be honest with."

Anne-Marie added, "I love this song and I love Lauv. I'm so excited to share 'fuck, i'm lonely' with everyone. I never really like admitting that I miss someone after a break up. So here's a song that does it for me."