'Teen Mom OG''s Farrah Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Her Dad's Girlfriend

Is the entrepreneur getting shades of her mom's significant other David?

Farrah may not have an amicable relationship with her mother Debra's fiancée David, but she doesn't harbor the same feelings for her father Michael's girlfriend.

During this week's Teen Mom OG episode, the entrepreneur returned home after an overseas business trip while Sophia was cared for by Michael and his significant other Amy. Later, Farrah opened up to Michael about her recent struggles with Debra and David -- and how different things are with his galpal.


"It's just shocking how easy things are with Amy and how difficult things are with someone who brings in somebody volatile to a family," Farrah told her dad while the two discussed a possible trip with Debra (sans David) to Italy.

And how does Farrah describe her bond with Amy?

"My relationship with Amy is great," she revealed to MTV News. "She's been so open and welcoming to Sophia and me. She's just a wonderful person. I've learned a lot from Amy. She has a lot of endurance, and I'm glad she's in our family."

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