Thank You For This Katie Ledecky/‘Smooth’ Victory Mash-Up, Internet

We’d be smiling that big if we won to the tune of Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana, too

If you’re hanging out in the northeastern United States this weekend, you are likely standing in front of an air conditioner/your fridge/anything that could keep this heat wave from turning you into a puddle of a human. It really is a hot one — like we were seven inches from the midday sun, even — so this genius clip of Katie Ledecky winning to the sweet sounds of Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana’s “Smooth” is hitting at the perfect time.

The internet works in mysterious ways, so hats off to you, Jimmy Donofrio, for somehow figuring out that Ledecky’s winning lead in the women’s 800-meter freestyle on August 12 at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio lasted just long enough for the opening chords of “Smooth” to blow our minds.

If you press play on the 1999 smash hit at the exact second that Ledecky’s hand reaches the wall and secures her (bazillionth) gold medal, you’ll see that the swimmer on her tail doesn’t follow suit until Thomas completes “Man it’s a hot one,” the first line of the track. That’s a 17-second lead, and yet it’s long enough to prove, once again, that Ledecky is a badass in a class all her own.

Congrats to Ledecky on yet another win. And congrats to all of us, because when Ledecky wins and “Smooth” is involved, we all win.

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