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Elizabeth Banks And Rachel Platten Assembled An All-Star Crew For The Definitive Version Of ‘Fight Song’

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star put together a sparkling musical tribute to Hillary at the DNC

Elizabeth Banks showed up to the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night (July 26) to support Hillary Clinton with her top-notch a cappella skills — and about a dozen of her celebrity friends.

The actress and Pitch Perfect 2 director put together a cover of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” to introduce Clinton during the second night of the DNC. Mandy Moore, Aisha Tyler, Idina Menzel, Ian Somerhalder, Jane Fonda, and a good part of the Pitch Perfect cast joined Platten and Banks in the colorful clip, which shows off all of its singers via a Brady Bunch–style split screen.

There’s even a surprise cameo from a certain elusive star at the end of the video, because she just had to come out of hiding to voice her support for the presidential nominee.

At this point, this has got to replace Platten’s original as the official version of Hillary’s theme.