Drake And Rihanna May Have Just Reunited For A Music Video

The duo might have just filmed 'Work,' a rumored collab off <i>ANTI</i>.

It looks like Drake and Rihanna have reunited for a new music video.

The duo might have filmed the visuals for “Work” off RiRi’s upcoming ANTI album at Eagle Rock Plaza in Los Angeles, according to Complex.

So, what's got people thinking that this reunion took place? On Jan. 7, an alleged casting call sheet for the vid surfaced online. It called for horseback riders and cops, among other roles. It also claimed the shoot dates would be Jan. 8 and Jan. 9.

On Jan. 9, horses were spotted at Eagle Rock Plaza.

Fans then claimed to see Rihanna and Drake at the location too.

Soon more images from the shoot appeared online.

DJ Khaled may have also been at the shoot, though it’s hard to confirm where he and Drake are in this clip. Still, we just know he's "up to something" with Drizzy and it does look like they could be at the mall's parking lot.

Fans are also claiming these are snippets of “Work.”

Listen closely.

This isn't the first time Drake and Rihanna have teamed up, of course. They previously collaborated on "What's My Name?" in 2010 and "Take Care" in 2011.

The pair has also been linked in other ways. The two have been rumored to be dating at different times in their careers. Then, in 2014, many people thought Drizzy was rapping about RiRi on "Days In The East" and in May of last year, he changed his "Madonna" lyrics to be about Rihanna.