George Clooney Goes To Downton Abbey, Canoodles With Lady Cora: Watch

There's a new Earl of Grantham in the Abbey.

Just in time for the holidays, George Clooney has crept down a chimney at Downton and taken the place of its Earl-in-residence -- not permanently, alas, but at least for the duration of this very short video teaser for his upcoming appearance in a "Downton Abbey" charity special.

Clooney filmed a short film with the cast for ITV's Text Santa campaign, which raises money for U.K. charities; in this clip, he and his trademark smirk make a surprise appearance opposite Lady Cora in the Downton drawing room. It's not clear if this moment is part of the larger sketch or just a one-off promo, but either way, raise your hand if you're suddenly in the market for a spin-off show called "Downton Clooney," a madcap comedy in which a time-traveling George finds himself magically transported to 1920s England and sets out to win the heart of the crotchety Dowager Countess.

*Raises hand.*

*Raises other hand.*

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