Music Video Fashion Moment: Emma Watson In One Night Only's 'Say You Don't Want It'

Emma Watson is a music video chick now! The 20-year-old Harry Potter star made her music video premiere this week playing a fur-wearing rich girl who meets a messy-haired, shoplifting boy in Brooklyn in the video for the band One Night Only's "Say You Don't Want It" song. Her video love interest is her real-life beau, the band's frontman George Craig, with whom she recently cavorted around the Glastonbury Music Festival in multiple pairs of jean shorts.

Overall outfit summary: This look is SO Brooklyn. She's wearing the same black skinny jeans, tawny-colored fur coat (which may or may not be real but looks cozy nonetheless), and piles of long gold necklaces throughout the whole video. She also wears low-heeled black leather boots, which are perfect for running from the cops, which happens in the clip but we can't imagine would ever happen in real life with this girl. But our favorite thing about this look has to be that hairband. For one, it's sparkly. And even better, she wore it bandeau-style around her head, which makes the back pop up in a pouf-like way. To make a back pouf not look weird is not an easy thing to do, and she did just that. Well done.

+ Click here to watch the music video!

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