Lindsay Lohan Talks '70s, Wilmer; Admits Part Of Her Body Isn't Real

Actress' role on 'That '70s Show' requires her to fall in love with real-life boyfriend.

Once Lindsay Lohan was feeling good enough to go back to work, back to work she went -- right into boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama's arms. Luckily for Lohan, her next job required her to fall for Fez, Valderrama's character on "That '70s Show."

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"It's very apropos," Lohan said, "because I am with Wilmer, and ultimately, [no matter] who I was with [in the show], I'd end up with him."

Right before the actress/singer was scheduled to do her guest spot on the sitcom, she fell ill and spent six days in the hospital (see [article id="1493012"]"Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized, Undergoing Tests"[/article]), causing the shoot to be rescheduled and her character to be revised. "I'm feeling better now," Lohan said. "I was working a lot, tired, and run down. I had been sick and ignoring it and avoiding it. I wasn't going to the dentist, I wasn't going to the doctor, I was just trying to work through it. And you know, when you're sick and you don't take that break, it's hard to heal and get better."

Lohan's much more vibrant in her guest spot, in an episode called "Mother's Little Helper" that airs Wednesday (November 10) at 8 p.m. ET -- and she's more natural, as befits a show that ostensibly still takes place in the 1970s.

"I took my extensions out," she said. "I had to when I was in the hospital. It was hurting my head, and whenever I can, it's nice to get them out. I can actually feel my scalp."

As could Valderrama, since his main technique in wooing Lohan's character Danielle is by giving her a tingly feeling when he does her hair. Danielle goes to Fez's beauty salon to get ready for a date with Aston Kutcher's character, Kelso, but like many of Fez's salon clients, she also talks a lot about how she's feeling. Though she thinks Kelso is "really cute," she also considers him a "knucklehead" and complains that he doesn't pay enough attention to her. Upon hearing this, Fez tells her that she's a treasure who should be worshipped, "so she kind of switches it up and decides to dis Kelso and not go out on the date with him and go out with Fez" instead, Lohan said. During that haircutting scene, she also gives Fez a big tip -- by pulling him down to her for an on-screen kiss.

Though Fez wins Danielle over, he still has to contend with Kelso, who doesn't like being in the middle of a love triangle with his friend once again.

"Fez has had quite a few love triangles," Valderrama said. "I'm still hoping for one between Donna and Eric, but my biggest one -- and this is pushing it -- is Kelso/ Hyde. But you know what? Anything can happen."