'The Mandalorian' Will Bring Us More Baby Yoda Next Year

This is the way

If the ending of The Mandalorian's first season has had you quietly mulling over when you'll ever see Baby Yoda again, fear not. The second season is coming, and even sooner than you may have guessed.

Creator and director Jon Favreau himself confirmed we'd be seeing more of the Mandalorian himself and everyone's favorite green child in fall 2020. That's not too bad. At least that gives us all something to look forward to in the Star Wars universe, right?

The official Disney+ Twitter account even chimed in, using the same phrase Ugnaught moisture farmer Kuiil is known for spouting throughout the series.

"Jon 👏 has 👏 spoken 👏," the tweet read. Can't argue with that.

But what's really interesting about the announcement tweet is the fact that Favreau included a photo of a Gamorrean along with the release window for Season 2.

The Gamorreans were typically seen guarding Jabba the Hutt in the original Star Wars trilogy films. Previously, Deadline reported that there may be "established characters" from the original Star Wars trilogy making appearances in the second season. It's unclear whether this means we may simply see alien races represented or more specific personalities making a comeback, but right now details are extremely sparse. We'll absolutely have to wait to see how things play out.

There's a bright future ahead for the Disney+ exclusive. With a fantastic finale that got viewers talking (and plenty of Baby Yoda fan service), there are so many ways the show could go that it feels like it's on the precipice of something even more amazing for next season. What's next for our dynamic duo, our Lone Wolf and Cub-like partnership of Mando and Baby Yoda? Hopefully we finally learn what The Child is and what its real name is at long last.

Looks like it's time to start cranking up the fan theory machine.

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