Busta Rhymes Calls DJ Khaled's Summer Jam Set 'A Special Moment'

'When we did that 'All I Do Is Win' remix, fire and brimstone!' he tells MTV News backstage.

EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey -- On Sunday night, after Busta Rhymes had [article id="1640949"]ripped the stage with DJ Khaled[/article] and a host of others at [article id="1640915"]Hot 97's Summer Jam concert[/article], the rap legend joked backstage with Trey Songz and gave his full play-by-play of what happened.

" 'Stop the Party' stopped the party this evening," Busta said with an extra-raspy voice backstage at the New Meadowlands Stadium. "My voice is a little gone. They did warn the building that there was a tornado watch today. You know why they did that. The tornado came through! Busta came through and did what was necessary. With all due respect to everything else in the building, what was necessary had to get done. 'Stop the Party' flatlined the entire brand-new Giants Stadium. It's only appropriate. Trey Songz, flatline! He came through and he bodied the building. Extremely appropriate."

Busta said the part of the show he was involved with was historic.

"The Khaled set, I think a special moment we should acknowledge," he said. "Despite the fact that the set in its entirety was incredible, I think we were very happy to see the homie Cam'ron. Flatline! Cam'ron, you bodied the building. The young homie Vado, great first look. You bodied the building. Mr. Rosé [Rick] Ross, flatline. Indeed, you've also bodied the building. When we did that 'All I Do Is Win' remix, fire and brimstone! I think we just flatlined everything. ... I'm done talking though."

Busta had a stylistic highlight on DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win" remix, rapping at a NASCAR pace: "When I'm in the building and I promise there ain't no muthaf---a better, better, better."

A [article id="1640525"]video for the remix[/article] was shot over Memorial Day weekend in Miami and should be out soon.

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