Ed Sheeran’s Been Training 5 Hours A Day For His ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Video

Ed say's this video is 'legit.'

Ed Sheeran took us on a wild night out for his "Sing" video, had us dancing for "Don't," but now he's getting "simple" and "extravagant" for his next video for "Thinking Out Loud."

The romantic ballad, which is my personal fav, is his third single off his album X, and Ed has some high hopes for this video since he considers it simply "the best."

"It's the best video I've ever done and probably ever will do," Ed told MTV News at the iHeart Radio Music Festival. "It's incredible, and I don't say that lightly. It's legit."

And while Ed wouldn't give too much away of what makes this video so amazing, he did give us a few hints, telling us it will leave you in a state of shock.

"We shot it on 16mm film, which we couldn't do a whole lot of, it's all one shot at the moment. I think we might do cutaways and stuff, and I learned to do something very different," he said. "I want the video to come out and everybody to be like, 'What the hell is he doing?' Just something that is going to shock you."

Ed did tell us at the 2014 VMAs that he was "learning how to booty clap," which I think is a joke, but it would be shocking, and might explain why he's been in training "five hours a day for the video," while he's been on tour.

"Not like sit-ups," he said. "But it is physical, it's about learning how to pick up stuff and throw it. It's interesting."

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