Watch DMX Get Revenge On That Roller Coaster That Scared The Sh-- Out Of Him

If you laugh at X, he barks back.

DMX is not one to back down.

The latest evidence? His decision to take on The Slingshot again. Yup, that's right -- the amusement park ride that scared the sh-- out of him in July (and gave us a timeless, hilarious video to commemorate the occasion).

"About five days ago, y'all n---as had the nerve to say DMX was screaming like a bitch," the Yonkers native barks at the beginning of the followup video, as he sits strapped into the ride at a park in Orlando. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! F--K THAT!"

From there, two and a half minutes of visual excellence ensues -- including talk of chicken, cigarettes, and X doing some singing.

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