Chiddy Bang Rapper Breaks World's 'Longest Freestyle' Record


Congratulations to Chiddy Bang rapper Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege the new title owner for the "Longest Freestyle Rap." Chiddy began his quest to crack the record at yesterdays O Music Awards which at that time stood at nine hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds held by rapper named M-Eighty out of Indianapolis. Chiddy now reigns supreme with the latest running time for the Guinness World Records title for "Longest Rap Freestyle" standing at 9 hour, 16 minutes, and 22 seconds.

Following his performance, Chiddy was overwhelmed with the outpouring support.

"Feel crazy right now thx for all the support yall the s--t! Cudnt did it without yall forreal" Chiddy tweeted.

"@realchiddy damn bro, you went in tonight. Good Job! Got so much respect for you! #rapworldrecord #breakfast" user @DakotaAnderson5 congratulated Chiddy via Twitter.

At the height of Chiddy's attempt to break the record indie rock group Matt and Kim were on hand rooting for the MC.

"It's stressful to watch, because you're there rooting for him," Kim said. "He can't take more than a three-second break. I couldn't talk for nine hours, let alone freestyle and be creative with it."

Last week Chiddy explained his strategy to crack the record.

"I freestyle probably, like, once a day" said Chiddy. "That's better than a lot of people, if you really think about it; I freestyle once a day for like 30 minutes straight. I never put myself to this maximum test, but it's very exciting for me, and once this all done, it'll be like, 'Wow I didn't know I could go that long.' "

"It's a marathon, not a race" Chiddy continued. "It's all about pacing yourself. I tend to be very, very hype when I rap. This time, I realize I'm gonna rap for like nine hours, so I'm not gonna come out of the gate hyped. I'm just gonna pace myself and ride that thing out, ride it till the wheels fall off."

Congratulations, Chiddy. Well deserved.

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