Arabella For President! Teen Mom Alex Sekella's Daughter Wants To Rule The Country [Video]

Arabella Sekella-McCann

Arabella's a dreamer.

Watch out, Obama! It looks like Kid President isn't the only mini politician vying for your seat in the Oval Office. Alex Sekella's daughter just threw her own name in the mix!

The "Teen Mom 3" tot has watched her mom face quite a bit of conflict in her relatively few years on this planet, but it's clear little Arabella has already been instilled with Alex's fighting spirit. Proving she's every bit the go-getter as her mother -- who works THREE jobs -- Baby Bellie revealed recently that she's got some big goals for the future. And we're not just talking about mastering the jungle gym or perfecting a plié.

In a Vine video Alex posted, she asks her bashful Bellie, "What are you going to be when you grow up?"

"President!" Arabella replies with a giant grin. Well, with plenty of practice as a princess already under her belt, we'd say she's certainly capable of being a leader, and a stylish one at that. Better bust out the pink puffy paint for those campaign posters, Alex!

Check out the adorable clip on loop:

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 Photo: Alex Sekella on Instagram

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