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Selena Gomez 'Had To Fight' To Get Katy Perry Song 'Rock God'

'I just loved her style, and she did background vocals on that as well,' Gomez tells MTV News of 'A Year Without Rain' track.

Selena Gomez had many rumored contributors to her [article id="1648277"]A Year Without Rain[/article] album, including reported cameos from Miley Cyrus and [article id="1646078"]Demi Lovato[/article]. But of all the ladies rumored to be involved, "California Gurls" singer Katy Perry was the only one who actually showed up.

Gomez said she had to fight tooth and nail to make Perry's cameo happen.

"Katy Perry gave me a song called 'Rock God.' It's one of my favorite songs ever," she told MTV News. "I actually had to fight for that song. I wanted it so bad. It's kind of funky, and I think I used her style and we kind of mixed it up with the producers that I worked with with my style, so we made it a little bit more techno."

Not only did Perry lend her the song, she also lent Gomez vocals on the track. "I just loved her style, and she did background vocals on that as well," she recalled. "So I was very, very blessed on the record, 'cause it's so much fun, and I can't wait to perform it."

How did the Disney princess and the pop star end up working together? "We actually have the same music agent, so whenever she'd have concerts and stuff, I'm a huge fan, so I definitely would go to most of her shows. And I've seen her at a couple of events, so I've talked to her," Gomez explained. "But when it came to music, I didn't want to get in personally. I was like, 'I'll ask through the proper channels and see if she'll give it to me,' and she was thrilled, so I was happy."

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