The Weeknd And Daft Punk Were Space Vampires On An Ice Planet At The Grammys

The trio took ‘I Feel It Coming’ to Hoth

The Weeknd brought Daft Punk onstage for their first live performance since the duo played "Get Lucky" at the 2014 Grammy Awards, and they emerged from hibernation in style.

Walking out in matching capes, the French robots inserted a glowing pink crystal into some kind of sci-fi module and turned the whole Grammy stage into a freezing ice planet. The Weeknd emerged soon after to sing "I Feel It Coming" from his new album, Starboy, through the fog and the frost.

Not everyone can pull off the Hoth vampire look, but if anyone at the Grammys deserves a little aesthetic excess, it's probably Daft Punk. And The Weeknd fit right into their crossover sci-fi universe.