Done Binging Marvel's 'Daredevil'? Because Here Are 13 Questions We Need Answered

Everything's coming up Murdock!

Warning: Major "Daredevil" spoilers follow!

After months of build-up, Netflix's first-ever Marvel series, "Daredevil," hit the Internet on Friday, and it was totally worth every second of the hype. Thirteen hours worth of Matt Murdock later, we are SO satisfied with how the gritty crime drama played out.

BUT. Not everything we wanted to know about the MCU's Man Without Fear was answered in this weekend's binge-fest -- and now after watching, we have even MORE questions about what to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in TV shows and movies to come.

How Common Are Vigilantes In The MCU?



Murdock lives in a world of superheroes, but aide from S.H.I.E.L.D., most of the Cinematic Universe's big contenders are very public about their identities -- like Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, for example. But from the way everyone talks about "the man in the mask," it sort of seems like they already formed their opinions about vigilantes long before the Devil of Hell's Kitchen appeared. Maybe there've already been some pretenders who've tried to do good and gotten seriously hurt?

Will Daredevil Factor Into 'Captain America: Civil War?'



In the comics, the "Civil War" comes about when the U.S. government tries to mandate a registry of all the secret identities. But like we said earlier, so far there aren't THAT many heroes who hide their faces. Does this mean Daredevil might get a mention in Phase 3, if that's the direction that the Russo brothers go with their sequel?

Will Elektra Show Up In Future Seasons?



In a flashback between Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock, Foggy mentions a "Greek girl" that Matt Murdock tried to win over -- which is an obvious reference to Elektra Natchios, the love of Matt's live who fled from Columbia University after the death of her father to become an assassin and enact her revenge.

Their relationship "didn't work out," he says, so we don't know how intimate they actually got with each other (in the comics, they'd been living together when she left). But we know she exists -- so when's she going to show up and kick some ass?

How Did Kingpin Go From Farmboy To Crime Lord?



Our window into Wilson Fisk's terrible childhood was certainly eye-opening, but he never manages to explain how he went from being sent away from Hell's Kitchen to having most of the NYPD in his pocket. What happened in between? And more importantly, WHAT did they teach him on that farm?

What The Heck Is A 'Black Sky'?



Here's something that'll stump even the most fanatical Daredevil fans -- the true identity of the "Black Sky," which Stick claims is a weapon of unspeakable power but which actually turns out to be a little kid. Stick says it's just a ruse and that Black Sky is more dangerous than "it" appears, it's also possible that the child might have been an Inhuman like the ones we see in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", and Stick was just being a jerk.

Who Is Stick Talking To After He Leaves Hell's Kitchen?



Stick is part of a mystical organization called the Chaste -- but in the comics, he's their leader. Here, it seems he's reporting to someone higher than him. Is it Stone, another Chaste member from the comics? Or is it someone new?

Will We Ever Get A 'Daredevil'/'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D' Crossover?



Did you catch the name of the boxer that Battlin' Jack Murdock was supposed to throw his fight against? It was Carl "Crusher" Creel, who "S.H.I.E.L.D." fans might remember as the Absorbing Man. Last we saw, he had turned to stone -- maybe he'll make a comeback?

Who Else Has Karen Pointed A Gun At Before?


daredevil karen

Comic Book Karen Page has a pretty checkered history of failed stardom, drug abuse, and even prostitution -- but it all takes place after she leaves her position as Nelson and Murdock's secretary to become an actress. The way she took down James Wesley suggests that maybe her TV show timeline happened in reverse.

Will Madame Gao And Her Triad Ever Appear Again?



Sharp-eyed comic book nerds noticed something this weekend -- the insignia that Madame Gao's drug-smuggling organization places on all their bags of heroin is the exact same symbol as one worn by the Steel Serpent, an enemy of the Iron Fist. He's getting his own show after Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, so maybe Gao will appear again.

Speaking Of Which, Where Is Madame Gao From?


daredevil madame gao

Toward the end of the series, Madame Gao disappears, telling Owlsley that she must return to her homeland. When he mentions China, she notes that it's "a considerable distance farther" than that.

Because of her connection to "Iron Fist," she might be referring to K'un Lun, a mystical city in the Himalayan mountains that can only be journeyed to every 10 years, and where the Iron Fist gets his power.

Some fans on the Internet have also speculated that she might be from even farther away than that -- the very first "Defenders" team-up involved them taking down an alien techno-wizard named Yandroth, from the planet Yann. Could Gao, too, be not of this world?

What Happened -- Or WILL Happen -- To Melvin Potter?



In the comics, Potter is himself a reformed criminal named "The Gladiator," who recovered with the help of his therapist-turned-wife Betsy. In the episode where he is enlisted by Daredevil to create a new superhero suit, there are different design elements from his own iconic costume located all around his shop. Does this mean he's already given up his evildoing ways, or is a future of crime still to come for him?

Will We See Claire Temple Again?



Claire had the good sense to cut and run rather than get involved with a dangerous superhero lifestyle (although, like us, she's gonna miss those abs on Matt), but in the comics she was actually a love interest of Luke Cage. She got so little screen time in "Daredevil" -- does this mean she's coming back in future series to stitch up other crimefighters?

What Are We Supposed To Do NOW?



So when does "A.K.A. Jessica Jones" come out exactly?