Lady Gaga's 'Sopranos' Cameo Surfaces

Gaga appeared on season three of the hit HBO show in an episode called 'The Telltale Moozadell.'

The sunken treasure that is Lady Gaga's pop-culture past continues to reap Internet gold. In January, we hauled out a clip from the pop star's nearly forgotten appearance on "The Hills," when she popped up in a vinyl bodysuit and required some zipper assistance from Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.

Now, further proving the point that the Internet never forgets, Gaga's 2001 appearance on "The Sopranos" has shown up online. The episode, called "The Telltale Moozadell," is from the third season of the hit HBO show.

Mob boss Tony Soprano's son, A.J., is acting out while at the school pool with friends. Wearing a black top and jeans, Gaga is one of three girls hanging out, smoking cigarettes and watching the boys swim. One of A.J.'s friends then gets the idea to chuck a desk into the water. From there it's a free-for-all, as Gaga and her pals toss equipment and sports trophies into the pool. A.J. ends up getting probation. Gaga, alas, is never heard from again. The episode aired when the future superstar was just 15 years old.

Her gig as an extra on "The Sopranos," though, was not the only time Gaga ended up on TV before she took on her famous moniker. As previously revealed, she once appeared on an episode of MTV's "Boiling Points," a hidden-camera show in which unwitting contestants had to keep their cool as various undercover actors tried to annoy them. Gaga didn't do so well, unleashing a bleep-worthy word after a waitress brought her a soiled salad.

"Who puts that in their mouth? Would you put that in your mouth?" she said. "It has sh-- all over it!"