The Bellas Meet DJ Khaled In 'Pitch Perfect 3' Teaser

The girls are going global

Pitch Perfect 3 doesn’t hit theaters until December, but a new teaser trailer is here to preview the a cappella antics ahead.

In the video, we see behind-the-scenes action from the movie’s shoot, with social media posts from the cast woven in throughout. Director Trish Sie declares, “We’re taking you on a global tour with the Bellas,” and she’s not kidding — there are glimpses of the girls decked out in camo gear and performing for dudes in military uniforms.

Elsewhere in the teaser, Anna Kendrick jumps off a boat into some water, Rebel Wilson gets attacked by two dogs, and DJ Khaled riles up a group of soldiers. And in a super emotional twist, we even see footage from the cast’s tear-filled final day of filming. Aww.

Pitch Perfect 3 arrives in theaters on December 22.

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