Jamie Foxx Has The Most Bananas Story About Doing Karaoke With Whitney Houston

Fun fact: when Whitney Houston did karaoke, she sang Whitney Houston songs.

What happens in a karaoke room tends to stay in a karaoke room. That is, unless you're having totally epic, star-studded singing sessions like Jamie Foxx has.

At a press day for the upcoming movie musical "Annie," the actor and musician shared a story about sharing the stage with legendary departed diva Whitney Houston, and her ex Bobby Brown.

Foxx used to host a karaoke night, and one night, Brown and Houston attended.

"She sung, 'and I will always love you,'" Foxx said, doing his best Houston impression. "Me and Bobby did 'Don't Be Cruel.'"

Houston, Foxx said, "blessed us with" an original rendition of the hit song after being begged to, "and at the time all people could do was call their answering machine and hold up them up" in the pre-camera phone world.

Legen...wait for it...dary. Legendary.

"Annie" hits theaters December 19.

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