Explore Ed Sheeran's Tattoos With This Interactive Tat Map

From his Taylor Swift tattoo to his Heinz ketchup ink and adorable teddy bear, here are the stories behind Ed Sheeran's most meaningful tattoos.

What do a penguin, tea cup, and a LEGO have in common? Nope. That's not the plot of "Toy Story 4." They're all just a few of Ed Sheeran’s many tattoos.

Get the story behind all of Ed Sheeran's tattoos here!

Everyone’s favorite ginger singer/songwriter expresses his creativity not only through his music but also through body ink. Each of Ed's tattoos has a story behind it and a special meaning for the “Sing” artist, who's set to drop his sophomore album, x, later this month.

In his "Nine Days And Nights of Ed Sheeran" documentary, which premieres tonight on MTV, you'll see the artist sitting down to add another tattoo to his left arm sleeve, which is full of tattoos that act as merit badges marking hit singles, places visited, achievements and collaborations. The right arm is more personal, and dedicated to album x, out June 23.

The Brit even has ink dedicated to all his close friends, including a bro tattoo with Harry Styles and a tribute to Taylor Swift’s Red. (Which is nice, considering she made him a BFF needlepoint with Drake's "Started From The Bottom" stitched onto it.)

Find out about Ed's adorable teddy bear tattoo, Heinz ketchup, the Henri Matisse tattoo he got for his mom, his lizard tattoo and many more.

Check out our interactive Ed Sheeran tattoo map for the stories behind Ed's many tattoos.

[image src="wp-attachment://1842218" title="Ed Sheeran Tat Map" alt="Ed Sheeran Tat Map"]

Watch 'Nine Days And Nights Of Ed Sheeran' and check out his After Show, including live performances, at Edsheeran.mtv.com!

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