CIA Speaks Up On Those Tupac Murder Conspiracy Theories

The Central Intelligence Agency weighs in on 'Pac's death.

Nearly 18 years after his death, people are still incredibly curious about the murder of Tupac Shakur. Conspiracy theories abound -- with some even suggesting that he isn't dead after all, but living on a remote island.

But who could have the answers?

Well, we know who doesn't (or so they claim...): The CIA.

The Central Intelligence Agency clarified that on Monday (July 7), after a series of tweets sent out to celebrate one month of being on the social networking site, where they responded to some of the top questions they've been asked in that span.

So, yup, people are still curious and skeptical about what happened to Tupac.

And they still forget their passwords. And the CIA swears they can't help recover them.

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