J. Cole Promises 'Born Sinner' Album With Altar Boy's Help

Religious-themed teaser followed Roc Nation rapper's January 28 webchat announcement.

When Kendrick Lamar dropped his studio debut last month, J. Cole was photographed buying up a stack of physical copies to show his support, and K-Dot will have a chance to return the favor on January 28, when the Roc Nation rapper releases his sophomore LP Born Sinner.

Over the past few months, Cole has previewed new verses at shows, dropped freestyles (like "The Cure" over The Throne's "Lift Off") and released a couple of singles (including "I'm A Fool" at the request of a fan and "Get Free Coleworld" featuring Major Lazer), but he's still been relatively quiet considering the frequency of releases from most rappers these days.

"I ain't drop nothing in a while because I feel like we in this digital age where sh-- moves so fast," Cole told fans when he previewed a verse of "Chaining Day" back in July. "N---as got songs every week, you can't even keep up with this sh--."

Turns out all that time away from the digital world will result in a new album due out on his 28th birthday.

The North Carolina native hit Ustream on Monday night to chat with his fans and confirm the release date, also adding a few new posts to his Dreamvillain blog. One post is a short video clip which finds a little boy -- Young Simba? -- praying in an empty church, before flashing a few signs on white cards, which read: "Are we all sinners?" "Aren't we all saints?" followed by the album title "Born Sinner" and the January 28 release date. The clip was soundtracked by bare piano keys, a little reminiscent of what we got on the "Intro" to Cole's Friday Night Lights mixtape.

With the announcement out of the way, seems like some new music should be on the way soon.

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