Behold Film's Worst Karate Sequences

Anyone who does karate knows that there is a very specific niche for its practice in film, and everything else is garbage. No, really, it's true! Slacktory took notice of how poorly karate is treated on film (and on TV), and packed it all into one neat supercut.

When you think of "ninja," the first things to come to mind probably aren't Chris Farley, Jim Carrey, and Screech from "Saved by the Bell." But Hollywood has its head screwed on tight when it comes to their notion of karate, and it's pretty archaic. So, yeah, when a bad guy in "Wild Wild West" claims to have learned his moves from a "Chinaman," we're all on board with Will Smith knocking him out with a shovel.

Is there anything lower on the karate hierarchy than a white belt? Because that's the one we'd have to give to Hollywood when it comes to portraying karate. And kung fu. And tae kwon do, etc.