Makonnen Gets Personal About Mental Health Issues On 14-Minute Freestyle

Break that shit down

"i want to share this with my fans and people around the world who need it," Makonnen wrote on SoundCloud in the description of "BreakThatShitDown," his new 14-minute freestyle. "this isnt made for the radio. this is made for you when u need some time to take for yourself to get away from the dramas of your life, just listen to this real loud and break that shit and let it go! fight depression and enjoy life! thank u for all your support! hope this helps u through the way u help me! :) <3"

The song isn't just for fans, though. Makonnen also addresses his own battle with depression, as well as his relationships with family members, including his brother, father, and cousin. "I've been tryna fight depression all in these towns / So I've been dancing all night to break that shit down," he sings.

If you're having a tough day -- or even if you're feeling great -- bump this, do your dance, and break that shit down.

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