Here’s Why You Couldn’t Find The New Harry Styles Single On Spotify


Did a search for Harry Styles's new single on Spotify on April 7 lead you nowhere?

You weren't alone, as Billboard reports that a snag rendered “Sign of the Times” unplayable on the streaming service for a few hours on its day of release.

Searching for “Sign of the Times” proved to be difficult for those eager to stream it ASAP, as some looking for it were met with a “Song Unavailable” notification when they went to press play on the track.

Billboard noted that “Sign of the Times” is currently streaming on Spotify, and that re-downloading the application should squash any difficulties listeners encounter with the service.

Will this have a negative effect on Styles's streaming numbers? The problem was identified quickly and addressed, and the song was available on other services — so hopefully that isn't a sizable dent in streams for Styles's big solo debut.

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