Michael Clarke Duncan Explains Why It Was 'Easy' To Voice Kilowog In 'Green Lantern'

We weren't alone in celebrating the choice of actor Michael Clarke Duncan as the voice of Kilwog, the alien drill sergeant who trains Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern." His signature voice — deeper than a bottomless well, it seems — felt like the perfect choice for the ol' poozer from Bolovax Vik.

While the latest "Green Lantern" trailer went a long way toward showing us why he's the right choice, we took it to the man himself when we caught him at a recent press event.

"I was a fan of Green Lantern a long time ago, so it was very easy for me to go in there and voice Kilowog," Duncan told MTV News.

The deep-voiced actor also indicated that Kilowog will indeed be the drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps that fans know and love (and new recruits fear).

"He trains all of the Green Lanterns," Duncan told MTV News. "He's a real type of tough guy who knows everything, and actually in one of the comic books he and Superman fought to a tie. So that's the coolest part about it. Remember that."

I'm pretty sure Duncan's referencing Superman/Batman #29, but whether or not I'm right, it's nice to hear he's keeping up on Kilowog in any and all forms.

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