Brooklyn Punk Band LVL UP Tell Us Why They Covered A Song From 'The Wedding Singer'

Listen to their version of 'Somebody Kill Me Please' below.

In 1998, we watched Robbie Hart, Adam Sandler’s adorably forlorn protagonist in comedy classic “The Wedding Singer,” sing a moving tribute to his ex-fiancée, Linda, titled “Somebody Kill Me Please.” Now 17 years later, Brooklyn punks LVL UP have released an hilariously spot-on cover of the song as a part of the Faux Real 2 compilation on Father-Daughter Records, which features real bands covering fake songs in honor of Record Store Day.

“I’ve seen 'The Wedding Singer' maybe 20+ times, and feel no shame in being able to recite 50% of the lines by heart,” admits LVL UP’s Mike Caridi.

Um, dude. Same.

As for the brutal sting of heartbreak, the members of LVL UP can definitely relate. “I think we’ve all felt similar to Robbie Hart, although none of us has been jilted at the altar yet.”

“It’s surprising and funny that people have been digging the cover so far,” says Caridi. “We mostly just want Adam Sandler to hear it and give us his #blessing.”

Listen to LVL UP’s triumphant take on “Somebody Kill Me Please” above, and relive the original song from the movie in all its glory below.